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Gloucestershire Community Food Survey launched

GRCC is conducting a survey on behalf of a project ‘Gloucestershire Food Partnership’ (GFP), which comprises a number of countywide partners working together to help develop and promote local food, support farmers and improve environmental practices, with a view to bringing locally produced good quality food to new audiences.

During the recent Covid pandemic lockdowns access to food was particularly highlighted as an issue. We are inviting anyone living in Gloucestershire to complete this survey and help us to learn more about how we can help overcome any barriers to accessing food around the county. The GFP project aims to help address these barriers which prevent people, wherever they are based in the county, accessing good quality food locally. We hope that the project will help inspire and connect people and communities to locally produced food where in the past they may have been prevented or discouraged from doing so.

Closing date for the survey is 31st October. The survey can be found here

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