The GLNP is an organisation that supports its network to deliver projects and initiatives that place nature at the heart of decision-making and help communities and individuals forge better connections with the natural environment. Below are just some of the projects the partnership has supported or been involved in over the past few years. Click on the image to find out more, read the reports, or participate in the project.


Natural Capital Investment Strategy

The GLNP is exploring ways to leverage multiple funding and investment streams to enhance the county's natural assets, leading to increased economic, social and environmental resilience. 

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Biodiversity Net Gain 

Gloucestershire LNP is developing a County-wide approach to delivering this planning requirement. Priorities for offsite delivery will be guided by the Nature Recovery Network.

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Nature Recovery Network

As part of supporting Defra to delivery the 25 Year Environmental Plan locally in Gloucestershire, the GLNP are currently working on producing a local Nature Recovery Network, whilst also collaborating to develop a national methodology.

Gloucestershire Green Infrastructure Ple

Green Infrastructure Pledge

The GLNP calls on the county council, the local authorities, Gfirst LEP, developers and other organisations to join forces to commit to delivering green infrastructure across the county.


European Funding Applications

Making the most of the European Rural Development Fund by supporting applications from our partners across Gloucestershire.

Green Infrastructure Framwork Spatial St

Strategic Framework for Green Infrastructure

In 2015, a range of evidence was used to develop strategic principles for green infrastructure in the county.


Severn Vale Regional Park

The LNP is working closely with partners to explore the value, location and purpose of designating the Severn Vale a Regional Park. 

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Naturally Healthy Month

Each May everyone is invited to get out in the natural environment to help their physical and mental health and wellbeing as part of Naturally Healthy Month which runs across the South West LNPs.

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Making the Business Case for Green Infrastructure

In October 2018, GLNP hosted a symposium to bring together experts from across many sectors to debate the planning and implementation of green infrastructure across Gloucestershire.


Building With Nature

Supporting the inception and development of this new national benchmark for the implementation of high-quality green infrastructure.


Nature Improvement Areas

Landscape-scale initiatives aimed to ensure land is used sustainably to achieve multiple benefits for people, wildlife and the local economy. 


Gloucestershire Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

Whilst the BAP ceased to be in 2012, the last iteration from 2000 has been archived here. The framework was subsumed by the GLNP as Nature Map, which is now being reworked into the new Nature Recovery Network.

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Gloucestershire Tree Strategy

The Gloucestershire Tree Strategy has been co-created by many partners of the LNP to guide a strategic, joined-up, best practice approach to tree planting and woodland creation in Gloucestershire.

Planning Travels

Ecosystem and Natural Capital Mapping

We are developing a map which will show the relative value of Natural Capital in the county, and where opportunities exist to enhance ecosystem services. 

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2019 Year of Green Action (YoGA)

Included in the 25 Year Environmental Plan, 2019 is the Year of Green Action, aiming to encourage and promote events, announcements and activity that raise awareness of, and participation in, action beneficial to the environment. 


Gloucestershire 2050 Vision

We hosted a partnership workshop in response to the Glos2050 Vision. We collated many opinions and ideas to create a new vision - a Green Gloucestershire fit for the future.


Nature Map

A strategic approach to showing the best places to maintain and extend terrestrial habitats at a county scale. A spatial tool for Planners and Local Authorities.


Local Industrial Strategy

We worked closely with the LEP to ensure that the industrial strategy prioritises the natural environment, and support their natural capital approach to growth.

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Build Back Better

We coordinated the Envirnoment and Climate Action Group to produce an evidence and actions report to guide a clean, green and just recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Gloucestershire Air Quality and Health Strategy

The GLNP sits on the Air Quality and Health Committee, steering the agenda for the county and ensuring we value the key role nature can play in address pollution and air quality issues, whilst also encouraging more active lifestyles, Read the approved strategy from May 2019. 


Gloucestershire Nature-Based Project Map

This tool will help us identify spatially where all environmental activities are occurring across the county, what goals of the 25 YEP we are delivering, encourage collaboration and sharing of best practice. Submit your project now!