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GLNP Strategy event

On March 2nd we held a meeting to discuss the emergent GLNP strategy, and to get your feedback on the elements within.

Presentations were given by various Board members on the 4 strategic themes (Nature Recovery, Climate Resilience, Green Growth and Naturally Healthy) and there was lively discussion around a number of specific elements:

- the threats surrounding the agricultural transition, including the need for an economic impact assessment of the removal of BPS, and the establishment of an agricultural transition fund to support farmers to move to regenerative practices

- the value of a farmer-led NFM demonstrator project

- the trade-off between environmental/ecosystem services, biodiversity, and landscape character

- the importance of environmental education and community empowerment

- the need to ensure green infrastructure is not only promised but delivered

There was considerable support for the themes we are proposing in the new strategy, and acknowledgement that we need to do more to weave communities and local ownership of objectives into the LNP's work. A further meeting will be held to better understand the role of the LNP as regards environmental education, engagement and community empowerment.

Deadline for submission of further feedback to the strategy is Wednesday 10th March, and the final version is due to be adopted by April 1st, and will be uploaded here once it is finalised.

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