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Art exhibitions open again post-lockdown in the Cotswold, with these three local artists gathered in

After a few intense months, October will welcome an exciting and refreshing exhibition happening at Dove Gallery, Winchcombe. Three artists - two painters and a photographer - will exhibit their artworks for a week in the gallery. The practice of these three artists, Wendy Thompson, Tamsin Stuart and Clare Gadsby, connect thanks to their love for nature, animals, and all have a different approach to colour and textures.

The three artists have met thanks to the Junction 12 Art Group, a Gloucestershire collective of creative and enthusiastic artists who collaborate and show their artworks together since 2018. Working in nature, Wendy Thompson conveys a sense of spontaneous energy in her drawings, capturing the character of the animals and people. She works mainly outside of her studio, in the countryside for which she has a passion, meeting new people, being inspired by the fresh air, animals, and nature. She is often seen in and around the Cotswolds and animal parks in Gloucestershire, where she now lives with her family. For over fourty years she has been working to develop her current style, which is centred on capturing life in gesture.

In the exhibition, Wendy Thompson will present a selection of recent artworks. Some of the pieces are taken from her visit to Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park. Wendy Thompson’s work mainly involves pen and inks - sometimes lending itself to a splash of colour. When drawing animals, Wendy often meets people who enjoy watching her work, ask questions about art and decide to commission her new work: she allows them to look at nature from a different perspective, her very own.

Wendy Thompson also currently shows her artworks at The Rose and Crown, Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, since July 2020.

For more information on Junction 12 Art Group:

For more information on Dove Gallery:

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