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Sessions for Farmers, Landowners and Farm Advisors, Autumn 2023 - Local Nature Recovery Strategy

Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership, along with National Farmers Union, Country Land and Business Association and Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group Southwest, are looking for input from landowners and farmers to help develop the Local Nature Recovery Strategy by mid-2024.

All welcome to one of the following sessions:

When: Tuesday 17th October 11.30am - 2pm. Lunch included

Where: Royal Agricultural University, Stroud Road, Cirencester, GL7 6JS

When: Wednesday 25th October 6.30pm-8pm

Where: Online on Teams


When: Tuesday 14th November 11.30am - 2pm. Lunch included

Where: Hartpury University, Gloucester, GL19 3BE


There is also an event about Biodiversity Net Gain being run by Stroud District Council and NFU

When: Wednesday 20th September

Where: Ebley Mill, Ebley Wharf, Stroud, GL5 4UB

Defra is asking every county in England to develop a Local Nature Recovery Strategy. This will describe where and how the development of habitats could have the greatest benefit for nature.

The Local Nature Recovery Strategy will inform local planning processes. It will describe:

  • Biodiversity priorities

  • Potential measures to achieve these

  • Areas that are, or could become, of particular ecological importance – this will create a Local Habitat Map

The sessions in Autumn 2023 for farmers, landowners, land managers and farm advisors who:

  • already have environmental programmes or plans;

  • have received ELM scheme funding or other agri-environmental investment;

  • are thinking of applying in the future for ELM scheme funding or other investment;

  • are interested in the potential for off-site biodiversity net gain finance

to discuss how the Local Nature Recovery Strategy can reflect these existing actions and potential ideas and plans. The strategy will not force any landowner or manager to make changes. It will provide a strategic steer for the best options for nature.

For full details see

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