ELMS tests and trials event

Updated: Feb 14

Today Britain leaves the EU, which confirms our departure from the Common Agricultural Policy. Government have committed to maintaining levels of funding until 2027, but during that time will roll out the new subsidy scheme, the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS). DEFRA are currently conducting a number of Tests and Trials, 3 of which are being led by organisations in Gloucestershire. The LNP is holding an event on February 7th at 10am at Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester at which LNP members can hear from the 3 leads of these Tests and Trials, as well as DEFRA, on the current state of play.

Much is still to be decided, and the event will not tell you exactly what the future will look like. But it will give you a flavour of how 3 of the 38 Tests and Trials are progressing, from which we can hopefully determine the likely direction of travel. the link below will give you more detail.



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