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Draft Local Industrial Strategy open for Consultation

Following extensive engagement with Gloucestershire businesses and partners in the public sector, and supported by an evidence base of nearly 300 submissions, GFirst LEP has released their draft Local Industrial Strategy for consultation at their Annual Review event on Thursday 19th September. This public consultation will be open for a period of 6 weeks from Thursday 19th September - Thursday 31st October.

The LEP are seeking answers to specific questions that can be found on their website here.

Furthermore, they are running a number of drop-in sessions to offer the opportunity of a one to one with a senior member of the GFirst LEP team to provide feedback on their draft Local Industrial Strategy.

The GLNP will be hosting a workshop to engage with all partners interested in contributing to a collective review and response to the strategy. Please keep an eye on the email communications for this date to be announced along with time and venue - make sure you are on our mailing list!

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