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Webinar - the role of Nature in improving the health of our population

Europarc, who aim to use their strong international connections to promote good practice and policy in protected area management, are hosting a webinar on the role of nature in improving the health of our population. Dr William Bird from Intelligent Health will look at how nature experience directly affects our minds and well-being. From cognitive performance to intracellular metabolic changes, Dr. Bird reveals how contact with green spaces can diminish stress levels and positively correlate with a decrease of mental illness, such as depression and anxiety.

From an individual level to a healthier society, nature and access to green spaces can positively shape our feelings of happiness and well-being by impacting the quality of our social relationships. In fact, recent studies show evidence of green spaces as key to reduce health inequalities and improve social cohesion.

For more information and to register for webinar please click here

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