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ALGE conference on Biodiversity Net Gain

The Association of Local Government Ecologists met this week in London to discuss approaches to Biodiversity Net gain policy. This policy, included within the National Planning Policy Framework and expanded upon in the draft Environment Bill, requires all developments to contribute a net gain in biodiversity. 10% is likely to be the figure required. The conference consisted of a number of presentations by pre-eminent speakers who are working in this field, including Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust's very own Juliet Hynes who is creating the Nature Recovery Network map of Gloucestershire on behalf of the Local Nature Partnership. To view her presentation please click here.

Also of particular interest is the Manchester approach to implementation of cross-boundary net gain policy through a strategic spatial plan, an approach that could be replicated in Glocuestershire, and the Birdwise presentation which discussed a strategic approach to mitigating recreation pressures on key conservation sites.

For an overview of the whole event and links to other presentations, please see here

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