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We're making changes to how we run the Partnership

As a result of a partner survey and discussions with our Board members and key stakeholders, we have decided to make a few tweaks and changes to the way we currently run the Partnership in order to make things better, more open and engaging whilst offering wider range of benefits for the time you invest in the Partnership.

These changes and ambitions include:

  • The creation of a light touch constitution that outlines governance i.e. how the Board is formed and what its duties are. This would also include clearly what the GLNP should/does not do i.e. seek grants, compete with partners etc.

  • The core Working Groups will be the avenues in which organisations become "Partners" and actively engage in the GLNP. These groups are to be action-orientated groups and not simply talking shops. If they are not delivering something tangible, then it becomes just another meeting and they should disband. As a group we shouldn’t worry about disbanding groups if they have nothing to deliver, this is good practice. We will review how this participation is managed within these groups as time goes by to ensure broad and relevant representation.

  • We will cancel all set partnership meetings, those currently run three times a year.

  • We will engage our Working Groups to lead the hosting at least one wider forum, workshop, conference, webinar or seminar a year where a wider audience can attend. This will be relevant and topical to the group and the partnership.

  • The Partnership will still be able to host additional events/workshops where specifically relevant – like the workshop we ran for the 2050 Vision in Summer of 2018, or the Green Infrastructure Symposium in October 2018, for example. We will seek to move to wider online engagement and potentially webinars for project and best practice sharing.

  • Those not actively engaged within the Working Groups are more than welcome to support and keep up to date with the Partnership by signing up to the regular e-mailings, and viewing the news and twitter account. Any supporter can move to become a member if they wish to start attending a Working Group.

  • We will start to be more proactive in engaging underrepresented groups in the GLNP’s work. Such as land owners, farmers and businesses, considering projects that may be directly useful to them.

  • We will seek to increase our presence and awareness by issuing “Partner” logos to key partners to host on their websites, with information about the partnership if possible.

  • We will investigate an online knowledge sharing platform (“hyvr” for example) as an avenue to share documents and best practice, connect and network etc.

If you would like to discuss these changes further with the Partnership Manager, please get in touch with Jackie on:

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