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The Partnership gains a new Manager and Chairman

With the support of investment from a range of partners, the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership has been able to employ a full-time Manager for a three year period. This also coincides with introduction of a new Chairman. The partnership has been running since 2012 as a result of the Government's Natural Environment White Paper published in 2011 which invited new and existing partnerships to become LNPs.


Over the past six years, the Gloucestershire LNP has worked tirelessly to deliver against its key work areas, through the development of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs), by engaging with both the economic and the health & well-being sectors, and by promoting the implementation of green infrastructure in the county.

In 2017, a review was undertaken of the partnership to identify its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future growth and focus. It was believed that whilst the GLNP has delivered great things, it cannot achieve its full potential without the appointment of a Coordinator, or Network Manager.

As a result of the review, funding was sought from the partnership and our new Manager, Jackie Jobes, was hired in June 2018. Jackie has an MSc in Conservation Ecology and a background working in environment, infrastructure, ecology and sustainability. She will be working closely alongside the new Chairman, Doug Hulyer, who has replaced Adrian Phillips this July.

Jackie's core focus will be working to develop a new strategy and objectives for the partnership going forward. She will support all partners in their environmental initiatives wherever relevant, acting as a network manager to identify, evaluate, draft and recommend projects whilst keeping the Partnership informed at every stage.

If you wish to contact Doug or Jackie for any matters relating to the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership, please use the contact us tab above.

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