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New 3-Year Strategy for Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership

The 3-Year Strategy for the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership is designed to provide a top-level set of priorities for the group to promote and, with its constituent partners, to take action in order to conserve and enhance the most important aspects of the county’s biodiversity, whilst supporting the growth and health of its people and economy.

We've come up with a few ideas for the future direction of the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership. We are now calling for input from our members to ensure we're one the same wavelength and seek partners to lead topic areas and drive forward our collective ambitions.

Our key strategic pillars of our future strategy are:

  1. Bringing together information on Gloucestershire’s natural assets.

  2. Showing how these assets can sustain the County’s future.

  3. Applying nature-based solutions to the problems facing the County.

Which have led us to and will help us to deliver on our three core work themes:

  1. Space to Grow

  2. Space to Thrive

  3. Glos Nature

Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership three key work themes

Key principles include how we determine projects we work on:

  1. The work would not happen without the GLNP.

  2. The work adds value because it is not being, or could not be, done by someone else.

  3. The work plays to the strengths of the GLNP as a partnership and increases collective output.

  4. The work should be exemplary, having potential application beyond the scope of the project itself.

  5. The work should lead to a net gain for the natural environment.

More detail on the core themes, their descriptions and the kinds of projects we either have planned, are in the pipeline, or are yet to be founded, can be read in detail by downloading the strategy using the link above.

Please provide any feedback to by Saturday 2nd March.

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