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Gloucestershire County Council supports pledge to protect nature

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

We are very please to hear that the county council have announced their plan to support the Pledge to protect nature through the implementation of green infrastructure. The Gloucestershire Economic Growth Joint Committee discussed the importance of well planned green infrastructure and how it could be incorporated into future county development and regeneration, following an invitation from the GLNP on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

Good Green Infrastructure can improve water management, air quality, public safety, food and energy security, public health and wellbeing, social cohesion, along with climate change adaptation and mitigation. Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member responsible for strategic infrastructure and climate change, said,

Gloucestershire is a green and beautiful county and we want to help safeguard this so future generations can enjoy it too. Green Infrastructure is increasingly recognised to have a number of benefits and the county council will now look at embedding these principles into how we plan for Gloucestershire’s future development and regeneration.

The GLNP has asked the county council and the six other local authorities to join forces to protect nature in the county. Following the EGJC meeting the county council will support the pledge, promising to develop, maintain and protect natural features in Gloucestershire.

Every local authority already thinks about the environmental impact of planning decisions and infrastructure projects, and there will now be annual reports into how the council are taking the pledge forward.

If you want to see the Pledge and sign up too, you can view it here: to discuss it further, don't hesitate to contact us.

You can see the county's press release here:

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