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Gloucestershire Nature-based Project Map (Nat-Map)

GLNP have been working with partners the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West (FWAG SW) to develop a county-wide nature-based project mapping tool that will enable us to identify spatially where environmental and nature-focused activities are occurring across Gloucestershire and what goals of the 25 Year Environment Plan (YEP) we are delivering.

Nat-Map is powered by You!


We hope that it not only showcases the great work that Gloucestershire is doing to enhance our biodiversity and protect against climate change, we also aspire for it to be a valuable resource to see what other people and organisations are up to, support collaborative working and the sharing of best practice, as well as help identify opportunities to invest in projects that are at idea/concept stage, but not yet off the ground. As the GLNP, we also hope to use this tool to identify any project ideas that need a helping hand from us to take them to the next stage.

To build the information provided within the map we need you to add your own or your organisation's projects to the map. The more projects we have the better value to the tool will offer to everyone.

Have a project or idea you want to share? SUBMIT it here

The map is now live and can be seen below along with a User Guide that you can view or download. Go ahead and add your projects!

Please note that in the early stages of release we will be adapting the map as we go with comments and feedback from users, please do share any of your thoughts or ideas regarding the Nat-Map tool with us using the contact button above. If the map below does not load, please click here to open it directly into a new web browser. 

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