Strategic Framework for Green Infrastructure in Gloucestershire

The Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership (GLNP) was established in 2013 and the production of a green infrastructure (GI) strategy for the county was quickly established as one of its priorities. In early 2014 a group of local authority officers and Natural England met to discuss how this issue could be progressed and a draft strategic green infrastructure framework was produced.

With the agreement of the Members of the GLNP Board the draft framework was the subject of consultation with the wider partnership and other interested parties, including neighbouring LNPs and local authorities. Comments were received and incorporated into the framework, where appropriate. Formal public consultation has not been undertaken, but the framework will be tested as part of the local plan process.

The Framework was formally approved by the LNP Board on 8th April 2015.

The Board of the Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership will monitor the success of the Framework, for example –


  • By assessing whether green infrastructure policies have been included in local plans

  • By reviewing development proposals, and in particular section 106 and CIL contributions.

  • By evaluating the long-term success and viability of the main landscape scale biodiversity projects

  • By assessing the targeting of any agri-environment schemes

You can view the framework PDF below.

Since, the GLNP has worked hard to raise the profile and potential of GI further by hosting a GI Symposium, launching a GI Pledge for public and private sector signatories and developing an action plan as a result of both to drive forward the GI agenda in the county over the coming years. A full review of the Framework's success is currently being undertaken.