Covid-19 recovery: Evidence Report for Environment and Climate Action Group

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the economy, society and environment of Gloucestershire. In order to respond to this crisis, and plan the recovery, the Local Resilience Forum, headed up by the Police and Crimes Commission, has two groups - the Response Coordination Group and the Recovery Coordination Group (RCG). With other crises, the RCG's role is to help Gloucestershire return to normal as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, with the COVID-19 health crisis the decision it was decided that we did not want to return to 'normal', but use this as an opportunity to Build Back Better, mainstreaming the climate and environmental agendas.

The GLNP was asked to chair, and provide secretariat, for the Environment and Climate Action Group. This group consisted of experts from many different organisations (see reports for a full list). The Group has completed two deliverables. Firstly an Evidence Report was compiled, showing what changed between March and June 2020. This informed an Actions Report, illustrating recommendations to Build Back Better from the crisis. These documents are attached here.

The GLNP is working closely with partners to implement as many of the Recommended Actions as possible to ensure that the 'New Normal' in Gloucestershire is clean, green and fair.

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