Gloucestershire Air Quality and Health Strategy

As members of the Gloucestershire Air Quality and Health Partnership the GLNP have be working to steer the strategy to incorporate wider considerations of green infrastructure and active travel to reduce harmful emissions, along with endorsing the Building with Nature standards.

You can download the approved strategy below.

Strategy Vision

For organisations, professionals and the public across Gloucestershire to work together to improve air quality in the county and reduce the impact of air pollution on human health and the environment. To contribute to the vision of Gloucestershire as a prosperous, happy, healthy, and sustainable county.

The key aims of the strategy are to:

  • Bring about a significant and measurable improvement to air quality in

  • Gloucestershire through joined-up working to implement cost-effective measures.

  • Reduce the impact of poor air quality on the health of residents, workers and visitors,

  • and the environment.

  • Raise public awareness of air quality, its impact on health and personal protection

  • measures in order to promote sustainable behaviour change.

  • Increase our understanding of the state of air quality in Gloucestershire and the

  • Impact of measures to improve air quality.

  • Meet and exceed statutory obligations and national targets on air quality.

Strategy Development, Delivery and Oversight

The development of an Air Quality and Health Partnership included the following: 

  • to comprise of representatives from both public and private sector organisations

  • to develop a strategy to address air quality and health within Gloucestershire

  • to report into the Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board on strategy development and implementation.

The Partnership has created three multi-agency, multi-professional, work stream delivery groups on:

  1. air quality monitoring and behaviour change

  2. active travel; and

  3. electric vehicle and fleet (plus, Ultra Low Emission Vehicles - ULEVs)