Priority Habitats

The UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) was published in 1994 in response to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The UK BAP set out a programme for conserving biodiversity in the UK and this includes a list of habitats which were conservation priorities.

A classification of 'broad habitat' types was developed in conjunction with the development of the priority habitats list, in order to understand how the suite of priority habitats requiring action are set within the context of the whole of the UK.

View broad and priority habitat definitions here.

A review of the UK BAP priority list in 2007 led to the identification of 65 habitats that met the criteria at the UK level.

A review of habitats found in the county, resulted in the identification of 26 priority habitats and 10 local priorities. Local priority habitats can also be classified as broad habitat types.


Download the latest version of the Adobe Reader program Download: Priority Habitat List for Gloucestershire
This list was put together in 2008 and gives a summary of the priority habitats known to be present in the County.
(PDF Document; 137KB)

At the Nagoya UN Biodiversity Summit (October 2010), a new 'Strategic Plan' to drive action on biodiversity under the CBD was agreed. This provides a new global vision and direction for biodiversity policy. To take account of this new framework, England has revised its biodiversity strategy.

Priorities for England are published under Section 41 of the NERC Act 2006, which lists habitats of principle importance for the purpose of conserving biodiversity.

We have moved towards a more integrated landscape-scale approach to biodiversity conservation with the aim of recovering habitats and species as well as the ecosystems and services that they underpin. See Gloucestershire Nature Map for our local approach to delivery.

A focus on SNA's does not mean that areas outside the boundaries have no biodiversity or that biodiversity here should not be maintained and enhanced. It is a way of showing where conservation effort and limited resources can be targeted to achieve the best results for biodiversity and us.

Biodiversity both within and outside SNA's is protected by a range of legislation.

View archived action plans ....
The original Habitat Action Plans (HAPs) produced for the former Biodiversity Action Plan
for Gloucestershire 2000 can be found with the publications section of this website.
English List - Habitats

Many habitats of principal importance are included on the English List (S41 NERC Act). In accordance with Section 41(4) the Secretary of State will, in consultation with Natural England, will keep this list under review and will publish a revised list if necessary.

Download the PDF document S41_NERC_Act_Habitats_2008.pdf

Habitat Search Engine
As support for priority habitat conservation, a search engine has been developed to help direct practitioners and interested parties to the most useful sources for biodiversity and conservation management information in the UK.
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