Guiding Principles
These include the use of the LNP's Strategic Green Infrastructure Framework (see box right),  conservation action within locally adopted Nature Improvement Areas (see Delivery page) and their underpinning Strategic Nature Areas of the Gloucestershire Nature Map .  To implement these spatial initiatives the involvement of local nature conservation practitioners and key decision makers is needed to apply natural environment management and enhancement in a consistent and co-ordinated manner.  In the long term, this can only be truly achieved through supporting local communities, individuals, organisations and businesses to take an active role in securing a healthy natural environment in their local areas. Bringing in all relevant partners, such as those from the nature conservation, health and business sectors, is also important in achieving the LNP's spatial visions which in summary is about making the sustainable management and use of our Natural Capital a reality. 
A top priority is to ensure that our remaining resource of already valued natural areas are not significantly eroded any further and are kept in  good ecological or improved condition, e.g. internationally and nationally designated sites, Local Wildlife and Geological Sites, watercourses, non-designated areas of priority habitat, etc. This is essential but these areas also need to be expanded and better linked together to be part of fully functioning ecological networks and services.

Natural Environment (Capital) and Delivery
The delivery of an improved and robust natural environment (capital) depends on the above guiding principles. The former Biodiversity Partnership, just prior to the LNP's formation, produced a 5 year work programme which is still of some relevance today (this can be found in the Publications section of the website). 
You can view the Delivery pages to learn more about the landscape-scale approach and what is happening on the ground. This includes the adoption of Nature Improvement Areas or other overarching natural environment initiatives which help to steer the work of various groups and communities that are active in the County.

LNP Partnership
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Cotswold River
A Cotswold River

Bur Reed (Copyright Esther Collis)
Bur Reed
© Esther Collis

Green Infrastructure
The Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership(LNP) has compiled a framework document to guide the protection and delivery of strategic Green Infrastructure (GI) alongside Nature Map and emerging local Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs). The GIS data as ESRI shapefiles is available here as GI_Strat_Glos_2015_1.ZIP or for just the explanatory document to view or download the pdf file is below:
Download the PDF document GI_framework_FINAL_2015.pdf
(400 KB)
Nature Map In Practice
The implementation of Nature Map is a long-term goal but everyone can contribute towards it becoming a reality.
Here is an example:
Download the PDF document Download Nat_Map_DP_Guid2013.pdf
A Guide for Planners on Incorporating Nature Map into Gloucestershire's Development Plans
PDF document
Go to the "Delivery" page and find out more about the landscape-scale delivery Partnerships and delivery projects.
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